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Breakfast - The most important meal of the Day

Try this one out and see if it doesn't get you through until lunch.

Pineapple Porridge

1/2 cup rolled oats

25gms dried pineapple

1TBSP protein powder

1TBSP linseed meal

2/3 cup soya milk

Additional dried pineapple or honey optional

Using a jar, soak 1/2 cup of rolled oats, 25gms dried pineapple, 1TBSP protein powder (vanilla or natural) and 1TBSP linseed meal in 2/3 cup of soya milk (or choice).  Stir to mix and store in refrigerator overnight. In the morning pour prepared porridge into a saucepan with a little milk if required and heat at a medium temperature for 5-10 minutes, or microwave in safe container at a medium temperature for 2 minutes. 

Or simply serve cold.

Sprinkle with additional dried pineapple, or drizzle with honey optional. 

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Naturally healthy fruit & nut mix.

Pineapple Fruit & Nut Mix

Roast almonds, sunflower kernels, pine nuts & pepitas for 10mins in 175 degrees celsius oven, turn after 5mins, cool and mix with natural pecan & brazil nuts & sweeten the mix with Australian grown dehydrated pineapple from #thepineapplelink.

All year round healthy indulgence

for home & work.

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Pineapple Crunch Biscuits

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